Compassion Fatigue Management Workshop

The joys, highs and fulfilment that comes from caring for a loved one or a patient are immeasurable and that is what keeps caregivers going despite the weight of their roles. The downside of this is the present and real risk of compassion fatigue as a result of the same weight of their roles. The caregiver’s ability and capacity to empathise is also their source of vulnerability to compassion fatigue.

The upcoming Compassion Fatigue Management Workshop provides an investment opportunity for caregivers as it will serve the following purposes;

  1. It will help caregivers manage the transformation of their inner experience as they interact with the care recipient’s needs and trauma experience.
  2. It will help caregivers acknowledge and understand the cost of caring on their emotions and mental wellness giving them a new awareness on how caring impacts their life.
  3. It will equip caregivers with skills and tools to cope with the stresses and realities of their roles.
  4. Caregivers will learn how to recognize individual warning signs of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and strengthen their unique wellness strategies.
  5. Caregivers will be coached on how to design custom self-care plans.

The workshop will run for 2 hours for 4 Saturdays starting 10th to 31st of October and will cost KSH 8,000 only. Registration is currently ongoing at with an offer for early payments attracting a discount of KSH 1,500.

It is the mark of an intentional caregiver to appreciate the value of designing a deliberate and conscious self-care plan. Very often the difference between an effective and an ineffective caregiver is not so much the purity of their intentions but the deliberateness of their self-care routines.

We are really looking forward to connecting, supporting and growing with you.

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