How did you become a caregiver? Is it something you chose to do or did the role find you?

I was studying Information Technology when My uncle got involved in a road accident that badly injured his spine, I remember we had nothing at home as a family and would beg for all the support from well-wishers.

After three months in hospital, on Oxygen concentrators, my uncle’s condition worsened and needed a transfer to a Referral hospital which was considered better than the private hospital he was in. He was referred and upon admission, he couldn’t get enough help from the healthcare workers there. He needed to be watched full-time and we could not afford to have a carer. The only thing we could do was to schedule days for each family member. I was still schooling and getting all this information from my parents, I felt the pains and strains were getting much for them. I had to defer my course in order to see how I could help them. I love my parents very much.

One afternoon we got a call from the hospital informing us that the family member who was at the hospital with our uncle had left and were inquiring if anyone else was on the way to the hospital to keep stay our uncle. Our reply was yes and that the person was already on the way to the hospital. That was me. That’s how my caregiver life began.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters


After having deferred from my course to take care of my uncle I kept learning hospital vocabulary, equipment, and patient handling. I made myself my uncle’s carer full-time, which my family and I believed to be a reasonable answer to any judging persons who wondered. A year later my uncle passed away. We were left with huge bills that we were unable to clear and so I went back to the hospital and was given an opportunity for free training. I did exams and passed. I worked for several months in the hospital as a certified caregiver in order to offset the bills left behind. Immediately when the bill was cleared, I went back to school and continued with my Information Technology course while working part-time as a freelancer caregiver. I would check in at night for locums and as a reliever at the Elderly care homes and rehabilitation hospitals. I want to extend my thanks to Restore Physiotherapy Hospital, Karen branch. I would get paid well which covered my rent and fees for my learning. My career changed and I focused a lot on caring, I built a large network with the doctors and every other healthcare worker I met in different hospitals I visited or attend for an appointment with my patients. I spent all the holidays working as a caregiver to date. The information I have is about care, the knowledge about technology is all gone! I would love to care beyond my country and even my continent for the passion for caring I have.

Thanks, Suruvi for the Care for Caregivers, we salute you.

What fulfilment or insights has the role provided you with?

I have been able to touch lives and other lives have touched me as well. Life is sacred. I believe that. Many persons that I have helped on their recovery journey have always called back after a successful recovery. Even family members have called for recommendations on health services.

What challenges have you wished you had support for?

There are many challenges for a caregiver, but understanding them and getting enough rest can really help.

We are calling out to the skilled caregivers (trained and certified) to come up with a union-like structure or body that will advocate for our regulation and protection rights.

The caregiver numbers and care training institutions are rising by the day and so are. If we can have a centre for caregivers (Caregivers Union) in Kenya, we should most likely be able to handle over 50% of the challenges we are facing.

What motivates you to keep going, keep caring, and keep doing what you do?

My passion of course.

Having handled many patients with different illnesses I’m able to rate myself, I’m able to talk to patients confidently, and recommend hospitals where a patient can get helped. I am able to recommend my fellow caregivers to possible employees or care training schools as tutors.

Caring can never be tiring if you have a clear mission of what you are doing. The mission of course is always smooth recovery of your clients, by the mission we have a vision.

Thank you Suruvi, for the love


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