Caregiving can be a very rewarding service and many people have appreciated the deep life lessons and insights they have gained from it.

It however comes with a cost. Occurring as a result of helping others, Compassion fatigue is a real and present danger to caregivers. This is a condition characterized by deep emotional and mental exhaustion leading to a diminished ability to empathize or feel compassion for others. It can lead to abuse and neglect of care recipients and caregivers

Suruvi - Care for Caregivers offers avenues to reduce and manage the risk of compassion fatigue. Through the provision of psychological support services, we help caregivers become aware of their mental and emotional needs and deliberately attend to them.

Our work is guided by the 5 principles of ethical psychological service;
1.Autonomy - Right to own decision
2.Beneficence - For the good of the client
3.Justice - Fairness
4.Fidelity - Loyalty
5.Non-maleficence - Do no harm

We keep caregivers fit for their roles.

What we offer


Connection Café

Social interaction is and will always be therapy. Think about it, they say a problem shared is a problem half solved. Interaction with others makes it possible for people to take a load off their shoulder, through shared challenges, lessons learnt and perhaps even just listening to others. Suruvi Homecare services holds weekly discussions with caregivers from all walks of life for this specific intents. Come let us chat over a cup of tea, or coffee, or chocolate. Hot beverages are, after all, known to be icebreakers literally and figuratively speaking.

Individual Counselling

Being a caregiver is a journey one sometimes has to walk alone. Many times, family caregivers find that they have to live through unmet expectations, make sudden life-defining decisions or face their worst fears. Professional caregivers also struggle with merging life and client issues, where some face abuse from clients or the client’s families. An individual may feel the need for emotional check-up or learn strategies for dealing with these difficult feelings. This is why it is important to have a place where one can feel safe to talk about things they fear being judged on.

Capacity Building

In the words of an unnamed wise person, learn something new every day. At Suruvi HomeCare services we acknowledge there is much that is needed to be learnt about caregiving. Professional caregivers also require information refreshment every once in a while. Watch this space for dates for our monthly workshops to increase and refresh knowledge. Register a caregiver, a team of Caregivers or yourself for these personal development workshops and grow in your caregiving role.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the multi-faceted and multi-layered roles that family and informal caregivers play, a wide range of support services for their mental wellness, to improve their caregiving skills. Suruvi provides support services include bringing an awareness to Compassion fatigue, caregiver and family counseling, family mediation services, legal aid, support groups. Our services manage care-givers depression, anxiety, and anger for the direct benefit of the caregiver, the care recipient, and the community at large.

Caregiving can be rewarding on many levels as well as present a myriad of challenges. Caregivers can experience loneliness, grief, loss, anger, burn out, secondary and vicarious trauma and depression. We at Suruvi advocate for self-awareness, which is the first step in taking care of oneself. Next, seek and receive the support one needs. This will improve the quality of life and service for both the caregiver and receiver.

An independent, professionally trained family mediator can help family members diffuse tensions, identify and resolve substantive issues that would otherwise cause conflict within the family. We at Suruvi, offer independent, professionally trained family mediators to help family members diffuse tensions, identify and resolve substantive issues that would otherwise cause conflict within the family.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed as a caregiver. During such times, talk is therapy! At suruvi we offer therapeutic spaces and opportunities for caregivers to connect with experts and peers. Suruvi is one stop oasis for caregivers with experienced counselors to offer professional support. We also encourage our caregivers, if need be, to speak to wholesome friends or religious leaders for ‘at home’ support. Participation in activities that restores one’s soul, rests one’s body or uplifts your spirit is a stress reliever. For example, exercising, eating well, massage, including asking for help, or time out from family and friends.

Caregivers devote a lot of attention to their care-recipient, that it is easy to forget about themselves and ignore warning signs. Self-awareness is key so one can know when their bodies and emotions are expressing indicators of fatigue, burn out or trauma. At Suruvi we run personal development workshops for caregivers to identify, track and manage stressors that would otherwise lead to compassion fatigue.

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